Monday, May 29, 2006

Faux News: The Latest In Lying

Can no one muzzle this man, and keep him from spewing lies, lies, and more lies, and put a lid on the propaganda machine? The FCC may think so. It is now investigating the practice of television stations using so-called news items produced by the White House and by major corporations, and passing them off as real news. The whistle was blown by the Center For Media Democracy, who tracked 77 different stations using these manufactured broadcasts.

The contrived news stories were used to put a favorable light on the Iraq war, and to promote products, like Pfizer's pharmaceuticals. It seems that they were convincing enough that few suspected that they were not normal news. That this would be happening should come as no great surprise, but now, there can be no denying it. A Soviet-style use of the media for purposes of propaganda is now exposed, and should be another brick in the wall for impeachment.

It's getting to the point where the mainstream media should be trusted about as much as the man behind the Scientology table on the downtown street corner. The father of John D. Rockefeller was a bonifide travelling snake-oil salesman, and therein lies the genesis for institutionalized lying in America. If the media had been as corrupt then as now, John D. would have become a de-facto king. As it is, FOX and CNN have made Bush seem like royalty. Sure, his ratings are down, but the damage has been done. Can you hear me NOW, NSA spooks?

What's next- a "news story" showing Iraqis singing God Bless America? Immigrants and Texans arm-in-arm, passing the bong at a Los Lobos concert? How about America's love affair with Diebold voting machines? Or, "Nuclear Power, The 21st Century Flower". Before long, people will be made to think George Orwell was the guy who invented the ham sandwich. Pass that mayonnaise.


Blogger Big Daddy Malcontent said...

We like to single out Fock Snooze, but they all do it. Even lefty news outlets like Democracy Now! make frequent use of slightly re-written press releases from liberal "think tanks" and advocacy groups like Planned Parenthood and Sierra Club.
But the thing I like is when they use up seven minutes of valuable air time on a waterskiing dog or a salt stain that looks like Jesus. Now that's hard-hitting journalism.

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