Saturday, January 28, 2006

Condi's Coming, Look Busy

It behooves me that this heinous woman is still on the loose, and can slither into the continental country of her choice and spew rubbish about U.S. torture saving European lives. At some point, I expect her to start speaking in tongues, and to see her head swivel around 360 degrees like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. But, the Euros aren't exactly buying in to her arrogance. They've lived through far more despotic times than we have, and actually have a sense of history, and their bullshit meters are going off the charts. She may have had an Exxon oil tanker named after her, but it doesn't mean her act will play in Paris.

Nothing would please me better than to see Condi in an orange jump suit, being walked on a leash. If there was any justice in the world, it would be so. Has anyone forgotten that, while New Orleans was drowning under Hurricane Katrina, Condi was shopping for shoes in an expensive boutique in Manhattan. "Let them eat crab cakes", she might have said. Hey, are those alligator pumps?

My favorite, though, is her infamous Freudian slip made at a dinner, when she said, "my husb...I mean the President..." Cue up Toby Keith singing, "Laura and me, and Condi makes three".


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