Thursday, June 08, 2006

Cash Rhymes With Crash

In consulting my cab driver's manual for the economy, I found the following equation: trade deficit + housing bubble + gravity = falling dollar. Most every cab driver in this city knows where the Federal Reserve is, but few, if anyone, would understand that those inside are busily engaged in the business of turning our cash into trash. Some of us do know that a fiat is not just another car taking up space on the road. The Feds' ever-expanding dollar supply is now at the point of driving major foreign lenders away from the weakening dollar. Thus, the skids are greased for calamity. The Bush administration is now buying back what it can of it's own debt, hoping for a soft landing, but they're still hold up in an economic Alamo, and living on borrowed time.

An orderly devaluation of the dollar is not likely now that Russia has launched an oil bourse, and will be trading in rubles. Likewise, Iran and Venezuela will be opening bourses, and will trade on the Euro. These actions sound a death knell for the dollar, and lead many to believe that, with such weapons of mass economic destruction now trained on us, an attack on Iran is inevitable. That the dollar is the main reserve currency for oil dealing is the only thing that keeps the U.S. economy from collapsing under the weight of it's massive debt. The likes of Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, and George Soros are now shorting the dollar, and thus, the fat lady can be heard from out here in the lobby.

One might wonder, could this all be by design? When you consider that the world economy has been as finely managed as a Shakespeare play in Stratford-On-Avon for the last two hundred years by The House of Rothschild, I'd say we're seeing a new, and very brutal chapter. What's in it for the predator class? Oh, just a grand opportunity to sieze assets, dispose of legion usless eaters, and set up a biometric police state.

Doesn't that seem to be in keeping with much of what is happening lately? Let's see, now- eminent domain, pandemics, and NSA surveillance- can I swing a dead cat without hitting one of those items in the news these days? No, and we can certainly extrapolate from there that more of same is on the way, and, unless we suddenly rise up in unison, these phenomena will reach their full conclusion. To assume otherwise is to live in the land of wind and ghosts. Just ask any German who was alive in the 1930's.


Blogger ka05 said...

Good post, PO'd. I'm surprised nobody else has picked up on the idea that this is by design. It's strange that after all of these years of the Fed chairman trying to avoid scaring the markets, Bernanke comes out and scares everyone with hawkish comments. His stance has never been hawkish before. But suddenly it's as if he wants the markets to crash. I think a crash and inflation will get people worried and angry. Then you hit them with a "terrorist" attack and then everyone is pissed as hell. I also think this whole immigration noise is setting the table for a group to blame. When we're all broke, the PTB just have to point to the Mexicans as the source of all our troubles.

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