Saturday, October 07, 2006

Lord Of The Lies

I'm beginning to wonder if it isn't time to start hiding our children in caves and abandoned coal mines to keep them from the grips of this decidedly demonic ruling elite. Looking over some of the recent child-related laws passed or on the verge of passing is becoming a surreal experience. A Student Strip Search Bill is now before the Senate, but the timing couldn't be worse. Tom Foley certainly voted for it, but now, no one has to ask why. That it could come to this is incomprehensible, but it's not surprising. It is the year 2006, and we have been torn asunder by the New Romans. No doubt about it, we've seen better times.

In addition to exploiting children for their pedophilic needs, Republicans have been on the march to create a standardized mental illness screening program aimed at diagnosing children. I guess psychiatric drug profits just won't be satisfying enough until every other child is doped up with some soul-numbing, creativity-destroying medication. All the better to make Republicans out of them, I suppose. To thank for this heartless scenario, we have the Rockefellers and their myriad foundations that have railroaded medical research down the narrow path of pharmaceuticals. If you don't believe it, then just try to get a grant to study holistic or alternative medicine. The drug companies are like the Great Wall of China, and you are not to see what is beyond.

Of course, there's the No Child Left Behind law that stealthfully allows military recruiters free reign in public schools. If I had to choose between kids encountering crack dealers or recruiters, it would be an agonizing choice. There's always home schooling, but, hey, who has the time? We can't all be John Lennon. Folks are fighting back, though, and a great many parents and teachers have been up in arms over this intrusion. Recruiters are not particularly welcomed into schools, but they are persistent little bastards, and their tricks make the Scientologists seem like girl scouts selling cookies. These are truly the sirens on the rocks for youngsters who think they're jumping into one big video-game experience with pay and benefits, and haven't been properly mentored to understand what the military has in store for them.

If that isn't bad enough, public schools are starting to resemble high-tech prisons. I.D. tags that allow your child to be electronically tracked are not uncommon. Metal detectors and surveillance cameras are the order of the day. The kind of learning that takes place under these conditions is not what parents should hope for, and the school-shooting phenomena that accounts for it should be examined more closely. All is not what it seems.

The level of manipulation taking place all around us is no less ambitious than that of the Nazis, and, indeed, much of it was imported here at the end of the war. It's difficult to see, or accept, when one is engaged in the day-to-day of just trying to do right by one's family, and that's precisely what makes the elites so smug. What the Nazis did to pull the wool over Germany's head should have been required learning in our schools, but the parallels would have become too obvious. It's tough when we have to find out for ourselves. It's ironic that, on the one hand, we decry the end of innocence for our children, but on the other, we adults are innocent as lambs. As the Irish say, many go out for wool and come back shorn.


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