Wednesday, February 01, 2006

The Eschaton: Wake Me When It's Over

The Hopi say that a great cleansing is coming, and they're not telling you to move your car for the street-cleaner. They claim to have known the shape of things to come for a long time, and, at this point, they're not shy about telling you. In recent years, they've sent delegates to the U.N. to share their warning. The Mayans had something to say about it, too, and have marked the days for it. Maybe they just ran out of tablets, but they calculated that 2012 is when things go tilt. And, considering where we are now, it wouldn't surprise me.

If it is truly the end times, then what becomes of us? Is it off to heaven for the good folks, and to hell for the bad? The Buddhists, and some quantum physicists, say that we don't GO anywhere, we just ARE, and that is all we need to be concerned with. Once outside of our three dimensional time-space continuum, there is no here and there. Everything is on the same bus, and it's going everywhere and nowhere. We're all angels dancing on the head of a pin. Some have actually experienced this while undergoing a Near-Death Experience, but are at a loss to describe it in lucid terms. Mathematicians can conceptualize multi-dimensionality, but cannot tangibly reproduce it. In this reality, we play checkers, while in the big room, we play chess.

We certainly know what right-wing Christians expect. It's apocalypse time, and the four horsemen are here to collect the rent, and self-fulfill the prophesy. Those people are the biggest sticks in the mud. They don't know how to have fun, so they want us all to suffer right along with them. If the rapture came, I would say, good riddance. As for the Antichrist, I've been bored by him for a long time now.

The well-known seer Nostradamus predicted that a character named Mabus would come, and, when he died, that would really get the shooting match started. On January 9th, 2005, Mahmoud Abbas was elected president of Palestine. Hmm, let's see, M. Abbas...Mabus...sounds like we have a winner. Or, maybe Nostradamus was just hitting the opium pipe too much. His quatrains are pretty nebulous when translated into English. But, just to be safe, you can find me in my bunker if and when M. Abbas dies. Nostradamus also predicted the coming of a man named Hister.

With global warming being what it is, I have my doubts about life as we know it lasting long into this century. The Siberian frozen tundras are thawing, and the resultant release of methane will surely hasten the effect of global warming, and render much of our little planet uninhabitable. Some are planning for this event in the hopes of re-starting humanity. Perhaps there will still be some temperate places for survivors to start anew. This time, though, it'll have to be agrarian. We've used up most of the resources that we've foolishly depended on for so long, and options will be limited. Those with the green thumbs will be calling the shots.

I often wonder if there weren't previous civilizations that similarly met their demise. Plato certainly though so, and dedicated a book to the subject. Vast underwater cities have been discovered by researchers that cannot be accounted for in our known history. They seem to be of another time and another place, and part of what is called antediluvian civilization. That they went under is indicative of how fragile the balance of life is, and that everything in this linear reality that has a beginning has an end. That's all right, though. Just think about angels dancing on the head of a pin.


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