Wednesday, June 21, 2006

The NAFTA Super Highway To Hell

At some point in 2007, work will begin on the Texas leg of the NAFTA Super Highway. Ten lanes wide, it will run from the interior of Mexico well into Canada. An environmental impact statement has been filed, and public hearings are scheduled for next month. This super highway will allow containers from China to enter the U.S. from Mexican ports, and will negate the Longshoreman's Union. The Mexican truckers will not be members of the Teamster's Union.

Incredibly, President Bush has never mentioned this rather ambitious project in any of his speeches. The mainstream media coverage of it has been obscure at best. And yet, ground will be broken in Texas in just 6-12 months. Once completed, our country will never again be the same, as much of our union clout will have been subjugated and made irrelevant by this Pan-American monster.

Even more significantly, this project portends a North American Union that will essentially erase the U.S. borders north and south. The net result is bound to be a third world economy bereft of union benefits and protection. It's astonishing that this is taking place with no media scrutiny whatsoever, but that's how it goes in the modern world. Consent is a concept that's seen it's better day. Isn't it a shame that we so took it for granted.

Well Abe said, "Where do you want this killin' done?"
God says, "Out on Highway 61"
-Bob Dylan


Blogger DCTeamster said...

The NAFTA Superhighway is a dangerous idea that will not only suck more jobs out of the country, but it will also cost American lives.

A few months ago, the Teamsters sent an independent investigative reporter to Mexico to explore the conditions the drivers are forced to endure. Every single driver the reporter interviewed said they do drugs to stay awake during the grueling, impossible hours. All reported that they had killed someone while behind the wheel.

Mexican truck companies have no safety standards and provide no training and no insurance. The Mexican government has no drivers license program. Would you want to be driving your family next to one of these Mexican trucks?

Teamsters have fought NAFTA from the beginning. But at least President Clinton kept the border closed. Bush has vowed to not only open our highways to dangerous Mexican trucks, he wants to build 10-lane wide road and offshore a U.S. port to Lazaro Cardenas, Mexico. This is Dubai Ports all over again – an administration attempt to sidestep Congress.

And he is moving forward with his plan despite his own DOT inspector general saying that Mexico has failed to live up to its end of NAFTA.

The Teamsters have worked with Senators Patty Murray and Richard Shelby to hold Mexico accountable and that’s been working.

This also raises serious security concerns. There will be no inspection of containers. For an administration that says it's fighting terrorism, it sure is making some interesting decisions. This wholesale giveaway must stop.

What have the costs been?
* More than 3 million jobs lost due to NAFTA
* We've gone from a trade surplus with Mexico prior to NAFTA to a deficit of $50 billion.
* Current US trade deficit: $835 billion.

7:47 AM  
Blogger Big Daddy Malcontent said...

Actually, Shrubya did mention this in one of his speeches; he gave a joint press conference with Vicente Fox and Paul Martin touching upon the scheme, but the lamestream media dutifully ignored it.

5:29 PM  

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