Thursday, November 30, 2006

Bad Taser, No Donut

By now, we've all heard about the malicious tasering of an Iranian-American UCLA student. A video of the incident was posted on youtube, and a rousing on-campus demonstration ensued. Here's what a police officer had to say about it on a police forum:

"They told that little college punk 114 times to stand up. He should not have been Tased 5 times, he should have been Tased 113 times.

Little snot nose, know it all, tree huggin', left wing, daddy's dime, silver spoon, wet behind the ears, no life experience, still on momma's t1t, PUNK A$S.

That brat and his "I want your badge number" lacrosse playing f@ggots need to get their narrow little a$ses in the military and learn some respect.

Does this sound like someone who should be brandishing a painful and dangerous weapon? It might if your I.Q. is under 100, which seems to be the case for this cop, and many too many of his bretheren. He obviously doesn't think too much of higher education, and wears that sentiment on his sleeve. Reports of elderly women, pregnant women, and children being tasered have all been aired by the media, and it becomes clear that tasers are not a good idea. Police officers with limited mental landscapes who are seemingly threatened by their own shadows are brandishing these things like they were water pistols, and seem all too eager to deal out punishment for those who do anything but cower in their presence. How do we protect ourselves from these mad-dog cops?

Is it possible that some officers have a vested interest in the use of tasers? Why, yes, it is, and USA TODAY says so. It turns out that hundreds of officers nationwide are actually on the payroll of companies that manufacture tasers. Here's where the bacon hits the grease. I guess you have to be a snot-nosed college student to understand the concept of "conflict of interest". Attorney Generals across the land should be looking into this.

While on the subject of crime, here's one that surely wins hearts and minds. A 15 year-old Florida boy has twice stolen a bus, and drove it on it's route, picking up passengers. His rationale is that he did a better job than the regular bus drivers. If so, he should be commended. For those of you who have no such improvement in your public transit, and are tired of growing old waiting for the bus, I recommend you take a cab instead.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

but, you'd have to be one of those snot-nosed college punks to afford a cab instead of bus ... I'm just saying ...

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