Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Get Behind Me, Satan

Well, well, well, look who's back to try and sieze the moment and draw Sonny Boy away from the abyss. Look who's sent the Iraq Study Group, no doubt a plunge protection team, in to try and keep the Middle East from going up in flames. Look who's gotten Rumsfeld thrown under the bus and replaced by Robert Gates. He's back, and looking every bit the Pharoah he always was.

If I had the ear of the president, I would tell him to stuff that old man back in his coffin. Send him and his cronies packing. YOU'RE the Decider, and everyone else lines up behind you. Pull the lever to the trap door, and send James Baker tumbling into the alligator pit. Sure, you've failed at everything you've done in life, but THIS is your defining moment. Is that mean 'ol Nancy Pelosi going to make you run and hide behind daddy, or are you going to pull yourself up by your bootstraps, put on your flight jacket, and deal out some pain? Get on your horse, Dubya, and give it one last ride. Notice how they said that impeachment is off the table? That's because you're the man. You're ten feet tall, and they don't want to mess with you. So, why give up the ghost now? Tell Poppy to stick to the grandfathering business, and to stay out of yours. Who was the head cheerleader at your school? That's right, YOU were. Who's better than you?

Speaking of Nany Pelosi- those who worry about San Francisco values should be more concerned with San Francisco politics. Nancy's following in the footsteps of Diane Feinstein and Willie Brown, two of the slimiest tin horns to ever come down the pike. I always found it interesting that Diane and Willie left the building shortly before Harvey Milk and George Moscone were gunned down in 1978, and that Willie openly admitted that he had received a call warning him not to fly on 9/11. My favorite, though, are the ballot boxes found floating in the Bay by the Coast Guard just after a local election. I know, I know, they were washing the boxes on the docks, and the wind blew them into the Bay. That's what Willie's spokesperson said, anyway. Well, it IS pretty windy here, windy enough to blow the smell of sulfer around for all to smell. Problem is, for some, it's the smell of success. While the little people applaud Pelosi's ascension, the folks in Pacific Heights rattle their jewelry in approval. Good work, Nancy. Welcome to the machine.


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Is Pelosi a war profiteer like Feinstein?

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