Monday, November 06, 2006

Recruiters Lie, Kids Die

Mt. Vernon recruiter: "We're like we're not at war, war ended a long time ago."

Student: "Will I be going to war?"
Recruiter: "I would say your chances would be slim to none ..."

Patchogue recruiter: "You have a 10-times greater chance of dying out here on the roads than you do dying in Iraq."

Student: "Aren't people still being shipped out?"
New Jersey recruiter: "Naw, they bringing people back."
Student: "Nobody is going out to Iraq anymore?"
Recruiter: "Naw, we bringing people back."

Yonkers recruiter: "As long as you don't choose a job in this area, you don't have to worry about going over there."

...we found one recruiter who even claimed if you don't like the Army you could just quit.

Yonkers recruiter: "It's called "failure to adapt" discharge. It's an entry level discharge so it won't affect anything on your record it will just be like it never happened."

These are direct quotes from recruiters who talked to students who were sent undercover by a New York TV station to recruiting centers to find out just what is being said. Well, now we know. These little bastards should be court-martialed immediately, with no questions asked. I hope that station, and/or other media outlets, follows up on how these recruiters from hell are being dealt with.

Meanwhile, a secret war simulation report from 1999 on what an invasion of Iraq would entail was released through a Freedom of Information Act request. It stated that at least 400,000 troops were required, which is almost three times the number that are now on the ground in Iraq, and even then, the situation was likely to lapse into chaos. Is it any wonder that active military leaders are now opening calling for Donald Rumsfeld's ouster? This war is a miserable failure on all levels, and it's time for those responsible to be held accountable. If Pelosi and the other Democrats take over, then they must do whatever it's going to take to force Bush out of this war. If they don't, then it will be a betrayal of epic proportions.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Look at all those medals. I thought those things were awarded for service to the country, but I guess lying cowards get them too now.

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