Tuesday, February 27, 2007


Oh, wonder of wonders, the BBC has been caught out in the biggest and most incontrovertible smoking gun of 9/11 complicity evidence yet. It seems that on 9/11, they ran a clip of a reporter in Manhattan talking about the fall of Building 7 several minutes BEFORE it fell. You can clearly see it in the background behind the reporter. Now, how in the hell are they going to explain THIS away? The answer is, they cannot. They are busted, and now the official line on 9/11 is toast.

The BBC has been asked to answer to this snafu, but their response was weak as tea. They also claim that the tapes from that day are somehow "lost". Straining credibility is, of course, at the heart of mainstream media, but this is as bad as saying the dog ate your homework. In light of this, anyone who will continue to believe that 9/11 was not a set-up is a damn fool.

The story is spreading far and wide on the internet, and, by spring, it should be common knowledge amongst those who are not comatose in front of their TV sets. The outcry over 9/11 complicity will increase exponentially, and the heat will be on. But, before it reaches critical mass, something will serve to distract the masses. War with Iran, or maybe just a spate of celebrity deaths will turn the page on this. Ana Nicole Smith still dead, news at 11. It's so predictable that even a fool like myself can see it. How about you?


Blogger itzktb said...

Damn, I'm up for an editing job for the BBC. Will this be a conflict of interest for me and you Cabbie?

11:10 AM  
Blogger Pissedoffcabbie said...

Not if go in as a mole, and leak out more tapes like that one.

Red pill or blue pill- it's up to you.

12:45 PM  

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