Tuesday, March 13, 2007

See Halliburton Run

It comes as no surprise to learn that Halliburton is preparing to move their headquarters to Dubai. There, they will be indictment-free, and more able to oversee the plantation formerly known as the Middle East. The Iranians must be delighted with this development. They can report directly to their soon-to-be bosses, and there won't be any failure to communicate. In other words, the Pharoah is now in your face, so look busy.

Likewise, Bush is anticipating a move, and has bought 98,000 acres in Paraguy, right next door to the property that Rev. Moon has purchased. Well, I guess when you're the decider, you have to plan ahead. Given all the shit this administration has stirred up, it's not hard to image the first President-in-exile fleeing in the dead of night to his South American compound to escape the wrath of a fed-up public, and a righteous special prosecutor. We know his MO by now- when the heat is on, run like a dog.


Blogger itzktb said...

You're sexy when you're angry, did you know that?

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