Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Subpoena Coladas For Everyone

Subpoena, subpoena, subpoena. Did I miss anyone? The crow is sizzlin' on the grill for Bush supporters now, and that Texas-style barbeque sauce ain't gonna make it go down any easier. A constitutional showdown is building, and it seems like the guys in the black hats are running out of bullets. Then again, they still have a trump card or two to play if so desired. If something works once, it'll always work again. Somewhere, there's an office pool picking the date for martial law. I have my suspicions, but I wouldn't want to make anyone a winner.

If that isn't bad enough for the Washington weasels, a very up-scale D.C. Madam has turned her phone number records over to the media. Divorce lawyers will be parachuting into the Beltway if those numbers are matched up to names, and the story goes public. A trophy wife rebellion would be on, and the beleaguered husbands would be hunted down with lit torches. Please, may it be so. We all need something fun and invigorating to watch for a change, and that would do just fine.

It's comforting to know that at least one presidential candidate is calling for Bush's head. That would, of course, be the irrepressible Dennis Kucinich. Would it be that he got the kind of coverage that Hillary gets, it would actually be encouraging. As it is, Dennis gets county fair level attention from the msm, so he may as well be saying that Bush deserves the guillotine. Noone but the internet news hounds will get the message. The rest will bang their pans or rattle their jewelry for whoever shows up big on the screen. It could be Sponge Bob, and they'll all clamor for his great leadership, and bask in his magnetic personality. Or, it could be a neolib dragon lady ready to carry the torch for the elite as the pendulum swings back to the left. At this point, it wouldn't make much of a difference. But, hey, remember to take a cab when you go to vote. Everyone and their brother will be down there, and parking could be a problem.


Blogger itzktb said...

Is it getting hot in here?

4:58 AM  
Anonymous Pissed Off Cabbie said...

No, you just left your electric blanket on again.

11:38 AM  

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