Saturday, February 04, 2006

The Left Gatekeepers Have Slammed The Door On Our Fingers

Rather than squawk about how inept and spineless the left has become, which is a pastime for way too many bloggers, I want to pull up the carpet and see what's crawling around under there. Just why didn't those guys read the Patriot Act before signing onto it? Was there an anvil hanging over their heads? And, where's the left media coverage on 9/11 complicity, and political assassination in America? Lord knows, there's enough ammunition out there for them, but, like Baudelaire said, the dog runs from the scent bottle, and prefers the smell of excrement.

Have we not heard of stealth candidates? In spite of what we thought we learned at university, and in spite of what the The Nation smartly tells us, all is not what it seems. Deception is part and parcel in both politics and in journalism. Why can't we be mindful of that, and act accordingly? It may be that even some our most esteemed figureheads are playing us, though few would be capable of admitting it to themselves after so many years of having been deceived. For that to happen, the mask will have to come off in plain view, and, in time, it will.

Why did John Kerry slink away so quietly from what was obviously a stolen election? If it were you or I, we would scream like a stuck pig, and rightfully so. When the fat lady sings, that means the show is over. But, Kerry has been silent as a mouse ever since election day, and that is troubling. Is his membership in the same fraternity as Bush a sign of collusion? It is when you consider that this fraternity has been a pipeline to intelligence agencies,
and has been stocking the government with shady characters for hundreds of years.

That's the way the game gets played; our left-right system is a false dichotomy, and we the people have no true representation at the big table. And yet, we go on voting as if it counts for something. Every time, we delude ourselves into thinking, THIS time, we have a chance to turn things around. The cumulative results of voting over the last 25 years say otherwise. And, if you still yearn for the good, old Clinton days, then just bear in mind the Bush Sr-Clinton love-fest that has been playing for the last several months, and try to take a different perspective on Slick Willy. The truth? He'd be in your grille with a pair of plyers if your gold fillings meant anything to him.

The last good guy we've had, and the one man who really stood in Bush's way, was Sen. Paul Wellstone. It was common knowledge that he was Public Enemy #1 for Bush and the neocons, and was empowering other legislators to hold firm. It's funny how his plane crashed on the eve of his re-election, and after he was told by Cheney that there would be grave consequences if Wellstone didn't vote for the war with Iraq. And, of course, there's no precedent to this scenario. Mel Carnahan's story is eerily similar. I guess we should just chalk it up to coincidence that, although the odds of dying in a plane crash are 1 out of 25 million, these two principled and troublesome left-wing legislators both went down just before an election they were sure to win. Perhaps fate just happened to favor the elites right when they needed it the most. It seems that we must take it on good faith that our best and most trustworthy leaders always dying before their time is just the way things go.

"Apparently, 'conspiracy stuff' is now shorthand for unspeakable truth."
— Gore Vidal, from "The Enemy Within", 27 Oct 2002

Those who throw cold water on what are called "conspiracy theories", and wear that Pavlovian reflexive smirk when confronted by them, need to be sent to a re-education camp. There, they would learn about the Hegelian Dialectic, the holy bible of manipulation. They would read Machiavelli's The Prince. They would study the masterminds of propaganda, like Joseph Goebbels and Karl Marx. They would study the nefarious implications of behavioral psychology. They would learn about the father of modern-day public relations, Edward Bernays, and his various philosophical offspring, like Karl Rove. They would read the I-Ching, a parable about the struggle for power, and The Art of War, the age-old blueprint for military victory through deception. They would study the Rothschild family history, and comprehend economic manipulation throughout the last two centuries. They would learn of foundations with hidden agendas.

Then, they would go home and unplug their TVs, pour their liquor down the drain, dump their prescription drugs in the toilet, throw the cell phone out the window, and start looking at the big picture. Until then, they can watch with astonishment as almost all of our so-called elected officials continue to take us to the cleaners, and wonder why the rich keep getting richer, while the rest of us just keep getting old.

The next round of big elections may be the last chance we have to roll back the elite and save our democracy. If we don't toss the voting machines and install public monitoring and safeguards, then it is assuredly not going to happen. We should throw out all incumbents who voted for the war, or who take large donations from any Fortune 500 company, and DRAFT new candidates, rather than waiting for them to appear. Politics is like honey to a sociopathic bee, and we have to stop making it so goddamned easy for them. Go and find judges who have actually ruled against corporations. Find activist lawyers who've worked on RICO suits. Find corporate expatriots and whistleblowers who couldn't stand the hypocracy, and have spoken out against it. Take all orphaned voters, left and right, and create a party for those who are, above all, anti-corruption, and don't send another dime to the NGOs until they make this their priority. Then, you might have a chance.


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