Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Working Ann's Dead

Will wonders never cease? It has been disclosed in this interview that Ann Coulter is an avid Deadhead. The anorexic right-wing hack with rhetorical Tourette's Syndrome seems to have been to her share of shows, and has the tapes to prove it. What's next- Dick Cheney admits to a fondness for Pink Floyd? Newt Gingrich longs for the good old days of following the Jefferson Airplane? Just where did the hippies go wrong that one of their ranks could turn out to be a trash-talking conservative she-devil? Needless to say, Ann Coulter won't be sleeping on MY couch any time soon.

On the other side of the fence, it has come to light that Grateful Dead members Bob Weir and Mickey Hart are annual attendees of the Bohemian Grove festivities, and have drawn the ire of the Bohemian Grove Action Network. This certainly represents the ultimate in selling out, and one wonders just what goes on out there. Do Bobby and Micky cajole Henry Kissinger and others into tie-dye t-shirts while they all drink blood from Geronimo's skull? Maybe so. The greater question, though, is, why were they invited? I guess it's mighty impressive that a rag-tag group of nominally-talented reprobates could create a financial empire off the backs of young burrito-vendors, hat-makers, and trustafarians. And, after all, they don't work- they play. That's doing it the opportunistic, I mean, the American way. Excuse me, but the colors are getting in my eyes.


Blogger Big Daddy Malcontent said...

I used to be perplexed by the strange infatuation many right-wingers seem to have with the Grateful Dead, but now it makes sense to me. Marginally talented nincompoops can make it to the top simply by repeating the same simplistic message over and over again to their addled, DEADicated followers. With the Dead, it's pot and shrooms; with Republicans, it's TeeVee and Oreos. What a long, strange, pointless, infuriating trip it's been.

5:14 AM  
Blogger Pissedoffcabbie said...

Perhaps Bohemian Grove isn't that much different than Burning Man. Escapism is the same all along the political spectrum.

10:56 PM  

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