Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Multiple Motive Massacre Syndrome

"There was no emotion in his eyes."

Its impressive how the number 33 often seems to present itself when the elites play a trump card, and make no mistake about it, they certainly did drop a bomb this time. As for the motives, they include another turn of the screw for the police state, knocking Rosie O'Donnell's assertion's on 9/11 complicity out of the spotlight, and ushering in a new round of talk on gun control. The Democrats can now bicker on the subject all summer long instead of focusing on, say, Iraq, or the North American Union, or subpoenas for Cheney, and so on.

Of all the Manchurian Candidates who have taken the stage over the years, the most fascinating and disturbing were the two Charlie Manson acolytes, Squeaky Fromm and Sarah Jane Moore. Both took shots at President Gerald Ford at close range. The incidences were just weeks apart, and both occurred in or relatively close to San Francisco. If one or the other had succeeded, Nelson Rockefeller would have become president. How fortunate for us that THAT didn't happen, Rockefeller proxies Jimmy Carter and Bill Clinton notwithstanding. Brother David learned from that failure, and is content to run things from behind the curtain.

It's ironic that the shooter's sister works for a company that provides intelligence and high-tech security. Does that company benefit from an event like this? You bet they do. Thank God for all the Coincidence Theorists who would dispel any notion of a connection here. We want to wake up in the same world we went to sleep in, and that's not so easy these days. Pity the princess on a pony that has to find her way in this world. The big smack-down is just around the corner now.


Blogger Big Daddy Malcontent said...

Yeah, I was thinking along these lines, too. The day of the Columbine shooting was the most intense day of bombing in Belgrade, so I was kind of expecting Bush to bomb Iran or something. Sure was nice of Cho to mail all that stuff to NBC, too, wasn't it? Okay, freak out now, everybody. On three...One, Two...

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