Sunday, June 10, 2007

Voter Logic

Voter logic is that which leads people to the polls, confident of their choice, but with no useful information on the candidates, and no sense of historical precedence whatsoever. It is not the same sort of logic applied when one, say, makes a career decision, or buys a car, or picks out a puppy from the litter. It is the logic of fools, and I don't just mean Republicans.

It must seem like a charm to the elite to have us locked into a system so bereft of diversity that only two choices exist in most meaningful elections. False either/or dichotomy is what it's called,
and it's prevalent in our society. Time or Newsweek, Coke or Pepsi, red state or blue state, and that's all you get. As for what guides people to make these agonizing choices, it's a wonder they can make it through the day.

In a better world, there would be the 3rd option of voting NONE OF THE ABOVE, and, if enough people voted for it, both candidates would be thrown out, and new ones would be sought. As it is, that would be one choice too many, and the notion of actually having to be educated on candidates and issues in order to make a rational choice would be overwhelming. And so it goes.

If our founding fathers were here today, what would they say about the condition of things? Something about the 'whites of their eyes' comes to mind. You CAN see the whites of their eyes these days, and they don't blink once while fleecing us out of the last remnants of our constitution and Bill of Rights. Someone, somewhere had better be taking aim pretty soon.


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Blogger Lip Germ said...

six = 6 thats funny

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Blogger Paradise Driver said...

I don't know about other States, but Nevada already has "None Of The Above" as a ballot option. And quite often, "NOTA" wins!

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