Sunday, May 27, 2007

Ron Paul Slays Them All

Who is Ron Paul, and why is he being heavily censored by the mainstream media? By now, all neocon/zionist Republicans wish they didn't know. The libertarian presidential candidate is shaking things up like no one's business, leaving pundits and opponents alike to duck and cover. As a simple Congressman, his words have only carried so far over the years, but now, as a presidential candidate, he's on the big stage, and telling it like it is.

All Rep. Paul had to do was suggest that U.S. foreign policy motivated the 9/11 attacks during the Republican debate in South Carolina, a reasonable enough notion, and the wet bottom of the cardboard box fell out. The polls that gave him a commanding lead in the first debate were ignored, removed, altered, and marginalized by the msm, and it resulted in one of the loudest outcries ever by internet patriot legions. The msm has been served noticed that they will not get away with covering up the words of the clear winner of these debates.

9/11 pseudo-hero and fellow presidential candidate Rudy Giuliani took strong exception to Mr. Paul's remarks, and expressed a great deal of incredulity at the notion that our foreign policy would have anything to do with being attacked by terrorists. Ron Paul has countered with a reading list for Giuliani, entitled, Reading For Rudy. In a better world, the media would be quizzing Rudy on that material, and he would no doubt squirm like a stuck pig. Nonetheless, he has been schooled, and will have to watch himself in the next debate.

It's a pleasure to see the camel's nose under the tent at such a critical juncture in the run-up to the presidential election. Ron Paul may be no more than a blip on the msm radar screen, but he's sure got the attention of those wide awake and on the internet. Republicans everywhere can hang their heads in shame.


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He's being "Agranized," a la Larry Agran

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