Saturday, July 21, 2007


Hey, everybody, the new iPhone is here. Isn't that just swell? The way people are clamoring for them, you'd think that you could talk to Jesus on it, or at least take a picture of him. It's great that you can fit your whole life into something that small, but, boy, it's rough if you have it stolen, or lose it, or whatever. You might feel like you'd built your life on sand. I expect to see cabbies sporting iPhones, and grinning sheepishly when asked how they could afford it.

Worse still is to know that the iPhone is a virtual gateway for the feds to keep close tabs on you. All of your personal information will be readily available to them, so you'd better be careful about "political" discussion that doesn't favor the elites. You don't want to represent the blacksheep demographic of your neighborhood, do you?

Control is a two-way street, though. Madame President won't be calling you directly on your iPhone, but the signal will be getting through nonetheless. She'll be the leader that presides over the fruition of the North American Union, and that's going to call for an extra dose of dumbing down to keep the masses from getting too upset over it. But, at least you can take pictures of that cool new NAFTA Superhighway with your iPhone. Careful you don't get charged with terrorism, though. That might suck.


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