Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I Get No Kick From Champagne

Just when you think you've seen it all, here comes news that the French champagne vineyards are being contaminated with radioactive waste. It certainly brings new meaning to putting a glow on, doesn't it. What will Donald Trump do now, toast with red wine? The very thought of it is revolting. How could we have raised up a bourgeoisie, only to see it poisoned by the very icon of it's existence? The irony of it is bubbling over.

Decades ago, Greenpeace educated us on the perils of nuclear power. They made it very clear that nuclear waste cannot be safely disposed of, in spite of the usual lies from industry and regulatory agencies. But, some folks are just too stubborn for their own good. It was the French government who sunk the Rainbow Warrior out of spite, and now, it seems that the chickens are coming home to roost. But, if it isn't one thing, then it's another. Our friendly petroleum products haven't served us very well, either. What to do?

Is it possible that some have actually discovered free or relatively cheap energy sources, like hydrogen from water, or zero-point energy, but have been bought out, or eliminated, by the oil-worshipping elites? Some would say, yes. Others, of couse, would ridicule the notion, and go on believing that we've made absolutely no progress in energy technology in the last fifty or so years. To them, I would say, don't spill any of that champagne this New Year's. It came all the way from France.

Monday, May 29, 2006

Faux News: The Latest In Lying

Can no one muzzle this man, and keep him from spewing lies, lies, and more lies, and put a lid on the propaganda machine? The FCC may think so. It is now investigating the practice of television stations using so-called news items produced by the White House and by major corporations, and passing them off as real news. The whistle was blown by the Center For Media Democracy, who tracked 77 different stations using these manufactured broadcasts.

The contrived news stories were used to put a favorable light on the Iraq war, and to promote products, like Pfizer's pharmaceuticals. It seems that they were convincing enough that few suspected that they were not normal news. That this would be happening should come as no great surprise, but now, there can be no denying it. A Soviet-style use of the media for purposes of propaganda is now exposed, and should be another brick in the wall for impeachment.

It's getting to the point where the mainstream media should be trusted about as much as the man behind the Scientology table on the downtown street corner. The father of John D. Rockefeller was a bonifide travelling snake-oil salesman, and therein lies the genesis for institutionalized lying in America. If the media had been as corrupt then as now, John D. would have become a de-facto king. As it is, FOX and CNN have made Bush seem like royalty. Sure, his ratings are down, but the damage has been done. Can you hear me NOW, NSA spooks?

What's next- a "news story" showing Iraqis singing God Bless America? Immigrants and Texans arm-in-arm, passing the bong at a Los Lobos concert? How about America's love affair with Diebold voting machines? Or, "Nuclear Power, The 21st Century Flower". Before long, people will be made to think George Orwell was the guy who invented the ham sandwich. Pass that mayonnaise.

Friday, May 26, 2006

Kenny Lay Had A Bad Day

Kenneth Lay is going to prison. The same Kenneth Lay who bilked California out of billions of dollars, railroaded Governor Gray Davis out of office, and levered the obnoxious nazi Arnold Schwarzenegger in as the new Governor. It's been a long time since Californians have been able to even sit down, but now, we get to see him do the long walk. Enron is pretty much off the charts now, and you can almost feel sorry for their employees. We won't be getting our money back, but at least the bastard is off the streets. No doubt, he'll be converting to Christianity, and having prayer service in between tennis matches, though. No Wackenhut prisons for Kenny Boy. I just hope Bush doesn't get any crazy ideas about pardoning him at the end of his term. He wouldn't do that, would he? Kenny should be coming out of jail in time for his 101st birthday.

Here's a little story that should put things into perspective:















I just have to say it- what's the frequency, Kenneth?

Wednesday, May 24, 2006

The Devil Is Giving Free Ice Skating Lessons

Due to necessity, I've finally done something I stubbornly swore I'd never do- buy a cell phone. Lest anyone find me to be a techno-rube, I have good reason to have kept my distance from this all-too-pervasive phenomena. Certain studies have indicated that cell phones are of a gradually debilitating nature, and are to be used only sparingly.

As a non-user, I've been immune to the conditioned normalcy of users, and to the zeitgeist of denial. People spend hours a day yakking into these fiendish things, and it has become requisite for many careers. Social butterflies are hopelessly hooked, and flop like a fish out of water without one. Headsets are, of course, available, but I still see the majority walking, or driving, with that nasty little bug up to their ears. As for me, I'm happy to use my land line, and I can wait until I get home to talk to anybody. My stock broker, my probation officer, my bookie, and Ed McMahon all know where to find me, and that's all that matters.

As some have pointed out, there is an interesting parallel between the cell phone industry and the tobacco industry. Both have sought to undermine damning research of their product, and both are sporting PR machines that rival the White House. An industry that is turning over billions of dollars is not expected to do the altruistic thing when it's pointed out that it's product is a serious health hazard. Come on, this isn't Canada. As usual, it's a struggle to have the truth brought to light, especially when an industry has lots of enablers. I would know- I'm a smoker.

I bought a cell phone primarily to have in my cab for those swell times of having a flat somewhere on the outskirts of town, with no jack to be found. I have thus far avoided that fate, but it's common enough. Also, I can network with other drivers to find out where the action is, and where the trouble spots are. And, I can now send love-letter text messages to the radio dispatch gal, who will hopefully respond with many radio calls. And thus, I am on the grid. Can you hear me now?

Overall, there is a technological mutation taking place within our society, and I'm not anxious to take part in what the next step seems to be. The ultimate wireless is, of course, implants, and the notion of that scenario should be enough to scare more than just the luddites. But, with time, and the usual pre-conditioning which is now under way, that, too, will be an accepted step in our technological evolution. It's already becoming standardized for pets, so it's fairly close to home. Dignitaries are being implanted to thwart kidnapping, and likewise for children. It's even being suggested as a means for controlling immigration. Hell may freeze over, but I won't be greeting the friendly implant wagon when it comes around. I guess I'll just have to work around it.

Friday, May 19, 2006

One Wave Short Of A Shipwreck

The area in red is, of course, that magical place known as Siberia. Once home to communist officials and military officers who needed some time out-tough love, it is now significant as the largest methane sink in the world. The Siberian permafrost is melting like an ice cream cone on a hot summer day, and 70 billion tons of methane are set to be released in perhaps just a few short years. Scientific data tell us that methane holds heat in our atmosphere 20 times more efficiently than carbon dioxide.

A lot of the global warming models now being touted do not take this scenario into account, the reasons of which I'm sure are political. Shortsightedness may play into it as well, as the Peter Principle is just as much in effect in the sciences as anywhere else. After all, it was experts who built the Titanic. But, the research grant money does tend to gravitate towards those who comprehend the corporate wants and needs of the day. So, it's left to Al Gore and the environmentalists to sound the alarm.

The roll-back of global warming awareness is certainly underway. The Competitive Enterprise Institute, funded by Exxon, has launched an advertising campaign to counter Al Gore's movie. The premise is that carbon dioxide is our friend, and actually very healthy for us. Now, we're going to find out who's really paying attention, and who's not. The truth may be inconvenient, but it's not going to be wished away. Recently, someone mused that euthanizing right-wing pundits would solve global warming. While I like that kind of thinking, it's probably going to take a little more than that to get things under control.

It is incomprehensible that Exxon and other oil companies would try to put out the fire with pseudo-scientific nonsense and cling desperately to their lofty perch, but there you have it. It may well be that they are subconciously thinking, if we go down, they go down, too. If we can't have the world, then no one can. It's a thought that makes me want to start smoking crack, but I think I'll just settle for an ice cream cone for now.

Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Look Who's Coming To Dinner

That alligators are now wandering out of the swamps and dining on Floridians, no doubt as another unfortunate result of climate change, is analogous to what the oil companies will be doing to us this summer. The price of gas is slated to go over $4.00 per gallon, and that will eat many of us alive. I expect to see fewer cab drivers, and more homelessness. Truckers will be in pretty rough shape, too. Life in hell sure doesn't get any easier, does it?

It would be nice if the cab companies had more than a few hybrids on hand, but, why should they care? They make their money regardless, and they'll only invest where it suits their needs. They think we should be grateful to drive cabs that don't have square wheels. There could be a gas tariff, but it will be accompanied by a gate increase, so the drivers will get little relief. It's a lucky thing for the cab companies that they recently got one of their own onto the taxi commission here, and she's a real ball-buster. There will probably be no cap on gate increases. What can a poor man do?

The weather modification bill that just got fast-tracked through Congress has to make you wonder just what they have in mind. A technological quick-fix for the ravages of global warming is not what the situation is calling for, but that's what seems to be on the table. I wonder what the environmentalists who scoffed at the notion of weather control when first presented with the idea years ago will say now.

I also wonder what Lee Raymond, former Exxon Mobil chairman, will do with his $400,000,000 retirement package. Maybe he'll build a nice compound in the Caribbean, somewhat like this one. If he takes a taxi anywhere, though, I hope he tips big.

Saturday, May 13, 2006

The Emperor's New Orange Jumpsuit

To look at it, you might say the clothes have no emperor, but that's about to change. is saying that Rove is indicted, and will resign upon the charges being announced. You know what that means. If Rove isn't pardoned outright by President Bush, then he's doing time. Time to pause, time to reflect, time to look inward, time to rot in hell. This, of course, puts Bush in a real tough spot, as if he didn't have enough problems already. If he doesn't pardon Rove, then some plea-bargaining could ensue, and Karl could spill enough beans to bring down the whole ship. If Bush does pardon him, his approval ratings could reach into negative numbers. It must be tough to be The Decider at this point. And, if I were Karl Rove, I would think real hard about what happened to Ron Brown before caving in to the special prosecutor and singing for my supper.

Patrick Fitzgerald won't be stopping here, though. It seems that Dick Cheney is up next. His notes, subpoenaed by a grand jury, show that he had more than a passing interest in Plame and Wilson. And, The New York Times is reporting that Cheney pushed to widen the NSA eavesdropping. My goodness, the lid is boiling off the pot. Somehow, I don't think these guys were expecting all of this when they stole the election in 2004, but, the best laid plans...

As a side note on just how paranoid Bush has become, it was reported that, at a recent appearance in Florida, Bush's motorcade had automatic rifles pointed out the windows at protestors. I would hardly believe it if not for these testimonials at Daily Kos. Bush must think that the public is going to pounce on him and drag him to a lampost for a hanging at any time now. After a few more rounds of insider whistleblowing, he might not be too far off base. It's interesting to note that Bush now gets such over-the-top protection, but, on 9/11, when the country was under the worst attack ever suffered on the mainland, the secret service allowed Bush to read a story about goats to a group of children in a public place for over 20 minutes before whisking him to safety. That should tell you something.

I'll be real impressed if Rove goes down, and the heat continues to rise under Cheney, but it all seems a little too contrived to me. How could they have come this far, only to have one special prosecutor have at them like political pinatas, and pull up the tent stakes? When the Bilderbergers last met, did they know this was coming? It's getting real strange out there, but time will eventually sort it all out. In the meantime, we can do the indictment dance around the maypole, and celebrate summer without the odious Karl Rove.

Wednesday, May 10, 2006


Suckernomics is a term coined by the irrepressible Dr. Dennis Cuddy. I reprint his article here in it's entirety:

By Dennis L. Cuddy, Ph.D.
April 24, 2006

In my previous article, I introduced the term "Suckernomics." The reception to this new term was very positive, so I have decided to expand upon its principles. Suckernomics is the process whereby the American public is made, and kept, economically ignorant. It begins even in elementary school, and the following is a list of some of its basic principles. The list is not meant to be exhaustive, and I am sure that you, the reader, will be able to add examples to it.

1, Don't teach students basic reading and math skills, so they will not be able to compete economically against those of other nations.

2, Convince Americans that more money is needed to solve our educational problems, even though a tremendous increase in educational funding has occurred over the past 4 decades, with negative results.

3, Teach children that petroleum products come from decayed fossils, even though there is no evidence of massive numbers of dinosaurs or massive amounts of vegetation in Middle Eastern desert regions or in the North Sea or near Alaska where large deposits of oil have been found. Don't let them know petroleum products are plentiful and come from methane derivatives, available through deep-drilling techniques used by the Russians for decades. Otherwise, they won't believe there's an oil shortage, and pay continuously rising prices.

4, Require Americans to pay about 40% of their annual income in taxes, but tell them that they are still better off than the serfs of feudal days who paid a smaller percent of their production to the nobles.

5, Persuade Americans that they should pay taxes for government programs which operate less efficiently than if run by private enterprise.

6, Entice Americans to purchase items on credit, even though that increases the cost of the goods by 10-20%.

7, Have Americans place a large percent of their paycheck into a Social Security "Trust Fund," which Congress then raids, leaving future senior citizens wondering what happened to their hard-earned money for retirement.

8, Allow the federal government to get away with posting an inflation rate that does not include increases in the price of food and fuel. This also allows the federal government to pay senior citizens less in Social Security benefits each year, because cost-of-living increases are not based upon an accurate inflation rate.

9, Give authority regarding trade decisions to the World Trade Organization, run by unelected bureaucrats overseas who can tell Congress it has to change our laws. Convince Americans that this is "free trade" when it is actually "managed trade," because many nations still have trade restrictions and subsidize industries in their own countries.

10, Dismiss calls for "fair trade," claiming American workers can compete against slave and child labor.

11, Persuade Americans there are still such things as "American corporations" as ownership increasingly goes overseas (e.g., 97% of sound recording industries, 65% of metal ore mining, 64% of motion picture and video industries, 63% of book publishers, etc.).

12, Have Americans believe that profits from American companies still stay in the U.S. (e.g., Amoco's profits go to England, Random House's and Chrysler's profits go to Germany, Gerber's profits go to Switzerland, TransAmerica's profits go to The Netherlands, etc.).

13, Convince Americans that government incentives for American companies to locate offices/jobs overseas will not harm the job prospects of American workers (even comedian Jay Leno said President Bush went to India to visit the American jobs that had relocated there).

14, Persuade Americans that NAFTA and GATT would bring high-paying high-tech jobs to the U.S., while increasing numbers of high-tech jobs are outsourced to India, etc., and while President Bush and Congress propose dramatically increasing (from 65,000 to 350,00 annually) the number of H-1B visas so that high-tech foreign workers can come to the U.S.

15, Convince Americans that increasing numbers of guest workers working for minimum wage (because they are placed, for example, 10 in a house and pay only 1/10th each for expenses) will not undercut American workers in many industries (e.g., fast foods, construction, hotel and motel, grass-cutting, carpet-cleaning, etc.) who have to pay 100% of their own expenses.

16, Persuade Americans increasingly to purchase cheap foreign-made products here, leaving them to wonder why they cannot find a good-paying American job anymore.

17, Convince Americans that they have still gotten their monies' worth purchasing cheap products from overseas even though they don't last as long as American-made products.

18, Have government severely regulate/limit the use of people's private property, but still require them to pay the full amount of taxes on their property.

19, Force/coerce people to turn over their private property to the government in the name of preserving a pristine environment, but then this same property is contracted out to developers/mining companies, etc., for exploitation.

20, Drastically reduce the United States manufacturing base, yet assure Americans that having missile parts, etc., made in Communist China or elsewhere will not compromise our national security at any time, especially during wartime.

21, Persuade Americans that building up the economy of Communist China via investment and trade will not strengthen their military with which they can threaten/attack us. Also convince Americans that giving the Communist Chinese advanced missile technology will not aid them militarily either, if they decide to attack the U.S., Taiwan, Japan, or some other nation in the future.

22, Assure Americans that genetically modified foods and animals are economically beneficial, even though the long-term health consequences of such genetic modification is unknown. In an experiment, half of a field was planted with unmodified soybeans and the other half of the field with genetically modified soybeans----geese refused to eat the genetically modified soybeans! Do they know something we don't know?

23, Spend millions of American tax dollars to build the Panama Canal and then hand it over to a Panamanian dictator who sells operation rights at either end of the canal to the Communist Chinese who could destroy it if in a war with the U.S. in the future.

24, Have millions of American tax dollars spent on political campaigns to oust Slobodan Milosevic as leader of Yugoslavia at the same time Americans are expressing outrage over Communist Chinese political campaign contributions to American candidates.

25, Spend millions of American tax dollars on textbooks teaching Afghan children jihad (holy war) against foreign invaders, causing the Afghans when grown to fight against the U.S. invasion.

26, Americans give millions of dollars in foreign aid to countries that give large amounts of money to terrorists who want to destroy us (this is the "sell them the rope with which they'll hang us" principle).

27, Convince Americans that the unemployment rate is going down, when this figure does not include those who have stopped looking for work. Also, hide the fact that many who have been laid off jobs and found new employment are now working in the service industries which pay less than their former jobs. Thus, while they are counted as "employed," they have less purchasing power.

28, Condition the American people to abandon moral principles in order to benefit economically. For example, the reason Americans can buy cheap Chinese products in the U.S. is because the Communist Chinese dictatorship can force laborers to work cheaply or go to prison where they sometimes are raped. Therefore, Americans have accepted the immoral attitude that it's allowable for women and men to be threatened with imprisonment (where they may be raped) if that's what it takes to buy cheap shirts, shoes, etc., in the U.S.

29, Have the American people accept the U.S. going from having the greatest economy in the world to being the greatest debtor nation. Former President Clinton recently said the only way we can pay for the Katrina disaster is the extent to which China is willing to continue to buy our debt. This makes us subject to international blackmail.

30, Condition the American people passively to accept Congressional provisions for offshore tax shelters for their corporate friends, at the same time the U.S. faces serious problems concerning the national debt, budget deficits, trade imbalances, the dollar's loss in value, many personal bankruptcies, and a high tax rate for the rest of us.

The result of suckernomics will be a further withering of the middle class, resulting in a techno-feudal society ruled by an elite. Not only will this be a return to feudalism, but the "suckers" have also been conditioned to accept "futilism"----the idea that it is futile for them to resist dominance by a power elite intent upon synthesizing Western Capitalism and Eastern Communism into a World Socialist Government under the elite's control (an updated, indexed edition of my book, THE ROAD TO SOCIALISM AND THE NEW WORLD ORDER, will soon be published).

© 2006 Dennis Cuddy - All Rights Reserved

Here's a typical news story to bolster what Dr. Cuddy has said:

Sunday, May 07, 2006

The Moderate Republicans Are Coming, And Boy, Do They Look Pissed

It sure is something to see all these Reagan Republicans and moderate conservatives sharpening their knives for the Bush administration. It's getting to where Randi Rhodes couldn't do a better job of taking Bush apart than some of these folks. You really have to wonder who, other than Rush Limbaugh, Ann Coulter, and Michelle Malkin, really support him anymore. The kool-aid is wearing off, and Bush has a lot to answer to. The economists hate him, the constitutionalists hate him, the generals hate him, the anti-immigrants hate him, etc. His own father seems to spend more time hanging out with Bill Clinton rather than with him, so it's not looking so peachy.

They can re-arrange the deck chairs on the Titanic all they want, but it's still going down. The desperation meter is pegging well into the red, and, a few more indictments down the line, neocon heads will spring open, and little birds will fly out. Let's just hope that these desperate times don't lead to desperate measures. Rats are dangerous when cornered, and are known to bite. Those of Bush's enemies who have the resources need to formulate a quick-strike policy that will prevent further treachery, and put an end to this madness once and for all.

If there were a military coup tomorrow, I wonder what the CNN polls would say. Bush's approval rating is lower than a frog's ass at this point, so, who would be left to oppose it? The Bill O'Reilly gang could lock and load, but it would be over very quickly for them. Hey, maybe those internment camps being constructed by Halliburton will come in handy after all.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Four Dead In Ohio

On May 4, 1970, four students were gunned down by National Guardsman on the Kent State campus in Ohio. To most, it may seem like a cypher now, but it was a defining event in my life, and for many around me. I grew up a few miles from Kent, and was just old enough to understand the ramifications of it. I knew that I didn't want to be drafted and sent to Viet Nam with a gun in my hand, and that peaceful protest was a cornerstone of this country. It was apocalyptic to see innocent students brutally shot down, and the trauma of it is still with me.

While it is true that students, or paid provocateurs, burned down the campus ROTC building, the protests had, for the most part, been peaceful. We now know about the FBI's cointelpro operations, which were designed to inflame the movement and cause it to erupt in violence, and draw support from the moderates away from it. We also know that the governor of Ohio, James Rhodes, ordered guardsman who had just come off of a 30-day miner's strike to the Kent State campus, thus insuring an ugly scene. It was evil, to be sure, but, that's how the game gets played. There are no rules, no referees, and no mercy.

I'm greatly disappointed that there isn't more active protest of the current war in Iraq. While there is no draft in effect, the casualties are mounting on both sides, and, like the Viet Nam war, it is senseless beyond belief. The agenda for war is never for the common good, but is rooted in cold-hearted economics and ruthless opportunism. That we can still be convinced otherwise speaks to the fact that we have learned little from history.

"Naturally the common people don't want war: Neither in Russia, nor in England, nor for that matter in Germany. That is understood. But, after all, IT IS THE LEADERS of the country who determine the policy and it is always a simple matter to drag the people along, whether it is a democracy, or a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship. Voice or no voice, the people can always be brought to the bidding of the leaders. That is easy. All you have to do is TELL THEM THEY ARE BEING ATTACKED, and denounce the peacemakers for lack of patriotism and exposing the country to danger. IT WORKS THE SAME IN ANY COUNTRY."
--Herman Goering at the Nuremberg Trial

Monday, May 01, 2006

Oh, No, It's Another Election

Well, here it comes again. I look forward to another election like it's a poke in the eye with a sharp stick. Politics is like poison ivy- the more you scratch it, the more it itches. And, nothing spurs on blind animal rage like political debate. Are you ready for that family get-together that turns into a political food fight? Meanwhile, anyone running for office has their knee pads on, and their lips puckered. But, kissing the slugs isn't so bad when you know that the servant becomes the master one day after the election.

I know most liberals think their day in the sun is coming. But, before anyone starts rolling up their sleeves to get busy, there's one little thing that's screaming for attention, and that's voter fraud. It sure would be a drag to watch all the little people roll the big ball up the hill, only to see it roll back down on them YET AGAIN, because the elites screwed us with paperless voting machines, draconian voting requirements and bullying tactics in African-American voting precincts, and feigned incompetence. Twice around this track should be enough to have most Democratic voters highly suspicious of the process, but it remains to be seen if anyone of significance acts on those suspicions.

Diebold is certainly on the skids, but they may still be a big player in this election, and that spells trouble. The current lawsuits against Diebold probably won't have any bearing on this election. Their supposed rival, E,S&S is still around, too. Both companies are owned by brothers. Gee, what a coincidence. How is this possible? Why haven't they been rounded up in the dead of the night by, say, Senator Byrd's people, and fed to alligators? Two assholes named Bob and Todd have brought this country to it's knees, and will do it again if not deterred.

It's of particular interest what happens with the southern voting block. The potential for a huge swing is there, so the desperate Republicans need to be watched night and day. And remember, you can cut off Katherine Harris' head, but three more will pop up. She isn't that easily dispatched. Big Boss Jeb Bush can tell us that we have a failure to communicate, but he'll be pissing in the voters' face, and telling them it's raining, just like he always does. Someone had better hurry up and market a smart pill, or we'll ALL be wearing the blue dress.

The Zogby exit poll called a landslide for John Kerry. There's just no way possible for there to be that much deviation from the mean, and so it should be painfully obvious that the victors cheated their way into the White House. Any liberal voter who thinks otherwise should be kept from operating any heavy machinery. Election fraud is nothing new, anyway. In one amazing election here in San Francisco, ballot boxes were found floating in the bay by the Coast Guard. The excuse that came from Mayor Willie Brown's office was that the boxes were being washed on the docks, and the wind blew them into the bay. When I heard that, I was laughing, but laughing to keep from crying.

I wish people didn't have to wait to be told to go and storm City Hall, or take an axe to those goddamn voting machines. It's getting to the point where that's all that's left to us. I just don't see any civilised way of dismantling the fraud. But, hey, who are you going to vote for?

As a late addendum to this rant, I submit this news story for your perusal. "It's unclear what caused him to become upset." Is it, now?