Tuesday, January 31, 2006

Cindy Sheehan's State Of The Union Address

For all that Bush had to say tonight in his State of the Union address, Cindy Sheehan said a lot more. As a guest of Rep. Lynn Woolsey, she showed up wearing an anti-war shirt, and was promptly arrested, removed, and held until the speech was over. I'm surprised that Bush didn't have her put in a cage and poked at with sharp sticks for popping his balloon. The Bush people were probably hoping to get a bounce in the ratings off of this address, and were upstaged once again by Hugo Chavez' favorite American housewife. That had to send George running for the bourbon and pretzels afterward, and maybe even a little frozen-nose quality time.

Bush said we were addicted to oil. Gee, tell us something we don't know. He should have said that the oil companies are addicted to profits, but that would have been asking too much. What Cindy basically said is that all the profiteers are addicted to blood, and she would know. How much more of it has to flow for everyone else to get it?

There's a reason why people like Abbie Hoffman, Frank Zappa, Bob Marley, and John Lennon are all gone. They would be banging a very big drum right now, and would be well-respected statesmen of their generation. But, it's good to know that the sword has been taken up by one of our own, and not a celebrity. I guess you could call that progress.

Sunday, January 29, 2006

Is It Time To Leave The Country Yet?

I hear tell that several very wealthy Americans are setting up shop in the Caribbeans. Are they getting worried about something? My grandfather always said that you don't poke a polecat, and our fearless leaders are preparing to do just that. You see, we don't want Iran threatening Israel with weapons of mass destruction, but we REALLY don't want them to dump the dollar, which they are on the verge of doing. Of course, any sensible non-psychotic government would have invested in alternative energy technology long ago, and greatly reduced the dependency on the Middle East for oil, but it's too late for that now. And, Iran certainly will fight back, giving
Bush the perfect excuse to finish off the last of our civil liberties.

Another item of grave concern is the surreal announcement by John Snow, Secretary of the Treasury, that we have passed our debt ceiling, and are now in technical default. This is bound to make foreign investors awfully shaky. But still, the band plays on, and a war with Iran will take our debt to where no debt has gone before.

Halliburton has just been given a 385 million dollar contract to build internment camps for Homeland Security. There are over one million Iranians in the U.S. today. Do we have a match here? At any rate, SOMEBODY'S going into those camps. And, those who vigorously oppose the deployment of such camps when the shit hits the fan will probably find themselves IN one of those camps, and not particularly enjoying the experience. Perhaps it will be safer to oppose this policy from a distant vantage point as an expatriot. The question is, where to go?

Canada has gone over to the dark side, so that option doesn't hold up so well anymore. Australia is under the U.S. boot, and New Zealand has extremely strict immigration laws. Everyone knows that you can't migrate permanently to Europe unless you're wealthy, or a really good jazz saxophonist. That leaves the Third World and the communist countries, and neither is very appealing. I could see driving one of those 1955 Chevy cabs in Havana, but I don't like cigar smoke or president-for-life characters.

Hugo Chavez seems like a pretty good guy. I wonder if he would allow a large influx of American muckrakers, troublemakers, malcontents, and hippies into Venezuela. He could put us to work teaching English as a second language, and have all of his people fluent enough to understand what comes out both sides of our ruler's mouths. Then, they'll never doubt the veracity of what Chavez has to say about the U.S. And, lord knows, the Bush people would be glad to see us go. Maybe they'll give us travel stipends, and send us on our way. Bon voyage.

I would miss some of what still remains here, but, being a rootless cosmopolitan, I don't think culture shock would be an issue. They obviously play baseball in South America, and they're damn good at it. What major-league star isn't named Ramirez or Martinez? That works for me. Bohemianism and the arts flourish, and the same language of the soul is spoken. And, those enjoyable "jazz herbal cigarettes" are never far away. So what is there really to miss, besides friends and family? The Buddha recommends the way of non-attachment, and so it makes good practice to move on. Lawrence Ferlinghetti once said, let us arise now and go. The time for going may be at hand.

Saturday, January 28, 2006

Condi's Coming, Look Busy

It behooves me that this heinous woman is still on the loose, and can slither into the continental country of her choice and spew rubbish about U.S. torture saving European lives. At some point, I expect her to start speaking in tongues, and to see her head swivel around 360 degrees like Linda Blair in The Exorcist. But, the Euros aren't exactly buying in to her arrogance. They've lived through far more despotic times than we have, and actually have a sense of history, and their bullshit meters are going off the charts. She may have had an Exxon oil tanker named after her, but it doesn't mean her act will play in Paris.

Nothing would please me better than to see Condi in an orange jump suit, being walked on a leash. If there was any justice in the world, it would be so. Has anyone forgotten that, while New Orleans was drowning under Hurricane Katrina, Condi was shopping for shoes in an expensive boutique in Manhattan. "Let them eat crab cakes", she might have said. Hey, are those alligator pumps?

My favorite, though, is her infamous Freudian slip made at a dinner, when she said, "my husb...I mean the President..." Cue up Toby Keith singing, "Laura and me, and Condi makes three".

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

9/11: How Gullible Are YOU?

The issue of 9/11 complicity is a great litmus test for awareness on the part of the American public. Ask any airline pilot if he could fly a 767 after having had just two weeks of flight training in a Piper Cub, and he'll laugh you right out from under your Coldplay-droning iPod. Or, possibly, he'll stare at his shoes and discreetly change the subject. Loose lips sink ships, or at least careers.

One morning, I answered a radio call in my cab for a man who was headed to the airport. I thought it was strange that he didn't have any luggage, and asked if he worked out there. He said, yes, and, in fact, he was a higher-up in security. I relished the opportunity of having this guy as my captive audience for the next 30 minutes, and immediately began drilling him on 9/11 complicity. We weren't half way there before I got him to admit, that, yes, something was rotten in Denmark. He had believed the official line in the beginning, but, over time, things didn't add up for him. Well, of course not. If he's savvy enough to be a point-man for security in a major airport, then he can see this for what it is. It weighed heavily on him, and he feared that it could happen again. I admired his straightforwardness, and his unwillingness to spin the truth. It made me wonder how many others in official positions are cognizant of this horrible reality, but keep their opinions down to a whisper for fear of reprisal. Many too many, I would say.

What riles me even more is the fact that the majority still swallow the official line, even those who would never accept this administration's word on any other issue, and that the time for exposure has seemingly come and gone. Why? Because, like the man said, a sucker is born every minute. The dumbing down of this country has become so complete that such a brazen act of treachery could be carried out in complete confidence. The majority have no sense of historical precedence, and miss the obvious parallels to the rise of the nazis and the burning of the Reichstag. Nor can they see past the "it can't happen here" zeitgeist that has long held this nation in it's grip. It sure as hell can happen elsewhere, but not in our own backyard. Americans want nothing more than to think they've woken up in the same world they went to sleep in, and the conditioning from the mainstream media and advertising is a lullaby that soothes the beast of uncertainty in a hostile world.

Worse yet is to know that, even if a critical mass of awakening occured and the natives grew restless, the elites have the means at hand to deal with an uprising. Posse Comitatus is now a thing of the past, and martial law and the deployment of U.N. troops could come to pass in a fortnight. Halliburton was just awarded a 385 million dollar contract to build internment camps for Homeland Security. That's a lot of barbed wire. If all this seems outlandish, then consider just how far we've come in the last five years. It has been a dark time, indeed.

If you are of the many who still don't feel the draft from having had your feathers plucked, I can assure you that the smoking guns are numerous, and that the research has been exhaustive.

There's no doubt that the 9/11 commission saw all of this information and more. But, being the good company men that they are, it was all sidestepped, and the official report said, "move along here folks, nothing to see." How very predictable.

Monday, January 23, 2006

Wagging The Dragon Lady

Michelle Malkin, the syndicated columnist and Bush apologist, is really starting to push my buttons. It takes a lot of gall to defend a president who has some of the lowest approval ratings of all time, but, that's a shameless careerist sociopath for you. And, if that isn't bad enough, she has the nerve to defend the WWII internment of Japanese Americans, and she herself is of Asian descent. This woman would sell her own grandmother to slave-traders if it meant a six-figure salary and a new townhouse in Malibu.

I decided to take Michelle up on her offer to do speaking engagements, and sent the following solicitation:


I run a dog kennel just outside of Washington, D.C.. Perhaps you would like to come and speak to the assembled. I think you would find a more receptive audience here than in most places, as it's surely getting to be a strain trying to spin the actions of a moronic, dry-drunk fascist resident-in-chief. I just don't see a lot of tail-wagging out there anymore.

I could make all the necessary arrangements for you.


Given the opportunity to have such an impartial and obedient audience, I have the feeling that she'll take me up on it. Get back to me soon, Michelle.

Friday, January 20, 2006

SUVs + Cellphones = Trouble

Has anyone yet caught on to the fact that SUV drivers who bleat endlessly into their cellphones are as nefarious as any drunk driver? What is it going to take to end this menace? Worse yet is the fact that the majority of these cretins think of themselves as infallible, and refuse to cop to any wrong-doing, like running red-lights, cutting other motorists off, or abruptly stopping or turning without signaling. Honk at them, and they flip you off with righteous indignation. These road rage-inducing primadonnas think it's their street, and you're just on it. It is now illegal to drive while talking on a cell phone in New York City. Why not here?

Such self-centeredness is indicative of a low I.Q., and it's not just a matter of bad genetics. One Charlotte Iserbyt wrote a book called, "The Deliberate Dumbing Down Of America". Having been a higher-up educator and change agent in the NEA, she should know. The motivation? The dumber we get, the more nonsense we accept, and damn the contradictions. Bush won the election fair and square, the stock market is just peachy, global warming is hot air, mass-surveillance and a police state protect our freedoms, and two plus two equals five. How ELSE could things have gotten so bad? Good luck to all you yuppies who have impressive portfolios, but can't help but to piss on your own shoes.

"I'm doin' alright, getting good grades
The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades"