Tuesday, September 26, 2006

Of Morans And Men

We spray and we spray, but the Bush supporters just keep coming back. God bless their pointed little heads, but, it's time to get real- Bush is the worst president ever, and he offers nothing of substance for them. If I didn't know any better, I'd swear he got the job through the Make A Wish Foundation. Why must the bar be set so low? It's not like we can afford the luxury of having a moran for a president. Aren't red states experiencing job outsourcing? Don't Republicans fear for their social security just the same as the rest of us?

Someone should arrange a couple of junkets for Republican voters before this upcoming election. One would be to Iraq, where the truth of this war can be experienced first-hand. That should go a long ways towards rolling back the FOX propaganda. The other trip would be to the Arctic region, to visit the global warming-ravaged, shrinking ice packs. This trip has already been taken by Republican legislators, including Georgia Sen. Saxby Chambliss, who voted last year against an emissions bill to cap greenhouse gases. Chambliss joined Sen. John McCain and others on a fact-finding trip to Greenland, and has made a complete about-face on global warming. He no longer considers it to be a partisan issue. If we could get a million or so more Republican voters to do likewise, Bush's support would melt just like those ice caps.

This past weekend, I delivered a cab-full of yuppie hipster-wannabes to yet another beer-fest in the city. They were discussing the merits of various high-tech SUVs, and I asked them where gas mileage ranked. They said it was a non-factor, of course, and went back to talking up hydraulic rear-view mirrors and such. I didn't bother trying to push the issue of global warming with them, as I figured they would just claim that it's all the ramblings of morans. I've learned that you can't argue with a senseless beast, and especially not one with a six-digit salary. You'll just be treading on thin ice.

Friday, September 22, 2006

Stupid Is As Stupid Does

Well, isn't that a pity. Extravagant, party-going yuppies have run aground on the rocks of life. It's kind of analogous to what is now happening to another party, that being the Republicans. It seems that a number of moderate right-wing legislators are feeling so alienated by the smell of sulfer, that they are abandoning ship and turning Democrat. Nancy Riley, a state senator from Oklahoma, cited "abhorrent" treatment, and a "lack of compassion for people" as the reason for her defection to the Democratic party. It's become apparent that moderate Republicans have had enough of being under Bush's hoofs, and are plenty willing to get up off the stretcher and join the enemy.

I'm wondering if there is any precedent for this phenomena. I've seen Republicans turn Democrat about as often as polar bears playing chess. No doubt, those will be some very conservative democrats, but they certainly will be well-received. This is a big disgrace for the Bush administration, and it could get a lot worse in the run-up to the election. With so much trouble brewing, it's about time to start anticipating what Karl Rove's promised October Surprise might be. War with Iran? Bin Laden on a stick? Maybe he's just bluffing, but Karl doesn't go down without a fight. Black November is coming.

I see where Rep. Nancy Pelosi (D-CA) has chastised Hugo Chavez for his recent remarks about Bush in his U.N. speech, and referred to him as a thug. How unfortunate that the possible House leader should be such a boot-licking milquetoast queen in the face of all the wanton distruction that this administration has wrought. How dare she defend the worst president we've ever had. Chavez is nobody's ideal leader, but he spoke the truth, and he's entitled to that. Nancy Pelosi is a miserable worm, and the same goes for any other legislator who will not tell it like it is. Bush is in the house, and it stinks to high heaven.

Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Run, Whistleblowers, Run

Earlier this year, I wrote that whistleblowers would be among the only appropriate candidates for public office. Now, we're actually beginning to see this phenomena come to fruition. A handful of whistleblowers are seeking office this fall, and it's a gratifying sight.

Clint Curtis was a computer programmer hired to rig an election for Florida Republican Tom Feeney. He testified on voter fraud before a Congressional Committee, and is now running as a Democrat for Feeney's congressional seat. Curtis has won the primary in a landslide, and will no doubt make this election a very interesting one. Tom Feeney is resorting to name-calling, which signals trouble ahead for his little kingdom. More and more, the desperate cries of tin-foil hat and black helicopters are falling on deaf ears, and voters are waking up to smell the corruption.

Meanwhile, another Florida whistleblower, Robert Bowman, has likewise won a primary. Bowman is calling for independent investigation of 9/11, and is not buying the official line. As for his credentials, Bowman was the director of the original Star Wars program, and that speaks for itself. I'd love to see Michelle Malkin or any other Republican handmaiden debate Bowman on the issue of 9/11 complicity. On her end, it would be the sound of one hand clapping.

Another 9/11 whistleblower is running for Congress in Minnesota. Colleen Rowley, a former FBI employee, made considerable noise about the FBI's shady part in 9/11. One can only hope that the voters in her district will not waste this terrific opportunity, and will come through for Ms. Rowley.

Mary Maxwell, a Republican no less, is running for a seat in New Hampshire, and looking for the legal means to bring the real 9/11 perpetrators to justice.

Howie Hawkins, a Green Party candidate for the N.Y. Senate, is calling for a people's investigation of 9/11.

Craig Hill is likewise running for the Senate, in Vermont.

Yet another is Joshua Smith, running for Congress in Washington. This is part of his platform:

This may be hard to believe if you haven't given it much thought, but it must be said anyway. Current scientific evidence does not support the government's official explanation of what happened.

If some of these candidates win their respective seats, it should be encouraging to other whistleblowers to do likewise, and, most importantly, to keep blowing the whistle. After all, there can only be so many plane crashes and "suicides" for whistleblowers before the public wakes up to reality, and decides to do something about it. Given the latest polling numbers on 9/11, that time may not be so far off.

Sunday, September 03, 2006

Burning Man Hardly Smoulders

Burning Man 2006 was a real letdown this year, as the anticipated hordes stayed away. Maybe having FEMA as this year's sponsor had something to do with it. Meanwhile, as an alternative, the artists have entered their flame-shooting works in a monster-truck rally in Bakersfield. The vendors are sure to follow, and it'll be a colorful scene with the painted faces blending in with the mullets. The resultant mix should be something. Truckstop-Hop will fill the air, and Burning Trailer 2007 will commence. Bubba and Starhawk together, no more stormy weather.

In other news, we have lost the man they called The Crocodile Hunter. He was a good one who dedicated his life and wealth to conservation. I might be Irish, but I'm not lying this time. As a tribute to him, I will attempt to wrestle my cat in front of a live film crew. Kaiser Hospital is just blocks away, so I should manage just fine if things get out of control. Watch for it on youtube.

Friday, September 01, 2006

Cabbies By Day, Terrorists By Night

The latest Republican legislator to make a fool out of himself, Sen.Conrad Burns, has crawled out of his hole to say that terrorists "drive taxi cabs in the daytime and kill at night". Well, how good it is to have the finger pointed towards my bretheren and myself. And, all along, I've been shovelling it on Washington, the kings of terror. What could I expect? They've lobbed the ball back into my court. Bastards.

But, I got to thinking, what about some of those turban-wearing guys with the thousand-mile stare that I see leaving the cab yard like they're on a mission? They're the ones who always sit in front of the hotels, looking like they're waiting for some kind of instruction. They never make any money, so why are they out there? Hmmm. Could there be something to this, or are the bus fumes finally getting to me? Dioxin causing some pesky synapse mis-firing? I don't think so. Maybe it's just too much coffee.

You have to admit, it's a lot easier to learn how to drive a cab than it is to learn how to fly a 767. You only have to know right from left; thankfully, up-and-down are not in the equation. And, if you run out of gas, you don't plummet 50,000 feet before coming to a rest. So, I can see the appeal. Cab school only takes a couple of days, and there's donuts enough for everyone. If you're going the Florida flight school route, you're dodging hurricanes and alligators, and you've really got to bear down. When they show the video on how to descend 5,000 ft. in one big spiral and level out at ground level in time to hit a five-sided building, you'd better be paying attention. Allah will send you to the land of wind and ghosts for a good long time if you belly up and choke on the big test.

I wonder what the taxi terrorists have planned. Ramming into our beloved San Fran trolley cars and spilling everybody out would be some serious shock and awe. Imagine the footage being shown over and over on CNN and FOX. The outrage and indignation would sweep the nation. Or, maybe a fleet of taxis take out the toll booths on the Golden Gate Bridge. That would have young Americans enlisting at every turn. They just better not do that.

At any rate, I'm sorry to see my craft besmirched by this clown. I'm not down with terror, but if he ever got in my cab and introduced himself, it would take all the self-control I have to not tune some loud, blaring middle-eastern music on the radio, and take him for a tour of the city at 75 mph. The bastard would have it coming to him.