Monday, February 20, 2006

When Does Push Come To Shove?

It is 2006, and we in America are witnessing what should have us in a full-scale revolution. Stolen presidential elections, a full-on police state with unprecedented illegal wire-tapping and surveillance, a false war claiming tens of thousands of American casualties, an economy teetering on the edge, and a president who says the constitution is "just a goddamn piece of paper". If that isn't enough to get this country up in arms, then what WOULD do it?

Obviously, we are a very polarized nation. But, what do we have as a lowest common denominator? Is it the welfare of our children? I don't think so, given that our school system is in shambles, our best and brightest are labeled as ADHD and given soul-numbing medication, fed a steady diet of mindless junk culture, and shipped off to war in the Middle East to die for oil. And, for the most part, this all takes place with the blessing of their parents. Is it our standard of living and job security? No, that isn't it. We watch silently as jobs are out-sourced, and social security is siphoned off. What, then, could it be?

What's the one thing that the elites will never impose on us? PROHIBITION. The liquor will flow through times good and bad, and the bars will always be open. Drive down Mainstreet, USA, and read the signs. What's on every other corner? A book store? A Yoga center? If they shut it all down, we would march on the power centers in a fortnight. Instead of the flag saying, "Don't Tread On Me", it would read, "Don't Dry Up On Me". What did Ginsburg say about searching for that angry fix? It would be ON, and the elites would all be cowering in their underground bunkers.

Turning off the cable TV and internet connections would probably have folks reaching for their rifles, too. No more L.A. Law? Up against the wall, you mothers. No football? Release the hounds. It would be a very ugly scene, and our government would fall in a week's time.

The elites may be crazy, but they're not dumb. The last thing they would do is to take away that which we demand, and that which we are addicted to. We like our shackles, and have no desire to do what the elites fear most, which is to question. Once upon a time, that wasn't a problem. But now, we're being bred like KFC boneless chickens, and intellect has vanished down a rathole along with our civil liberties.

What luck for rulers that men do not think.

-Adolph Hitler


Blogger noniere_meuse said...

Don't worry, a solution is at hand. Have a look at THIS. Seems we're dribbling in the wrong ball-park by complaining about the iniquitous inequity of a political system that won't be around in 6 years time. I'm serious.

4:34 PM  
Blogger Pissedoffcabbie said...

Oh, boy, some "channelled" information
from the "ascended masters".

Ever hear of synthetic telepathy? Do a little research on it, then see what you think.

9:41 PM  
Blogger noniere_meuse said...

The existence of 'synthetic telepathy' does not preclude the possibility of other more benign forms any more than the existence of a forged bank note precludes the existence of the genuine ones. It's a truism to state that the counterfeit has no currency without the genuine, but we can look beyond that and see that the fake is our guarantee that the genuine is out there somewhere.

Channelled information, we're told, comes from the plane of desire and illusion and is only as good as the channeller is free from these limitations. Beyond that is the plane of Mind which, by its nature, is free from the hazards of the plane of desire and is the plane where telepathy operates. On the whole planet I know of only two people that I can reasonably assume operate from the plane of Mind and who will give us the 'facts' free from personal prejudice.

Applicability to your blog? I share your view that the Establishment is up to no good and welcome your attempts to extricate others from the the slavery to mass consciousness, but what would happen if the people rose up and replaced their rulers? Another USSR where the same types come to the fore and enslave the people again? There are only two solutions that I can see. One is that the people become less selfish and self centred so they are wise enough to elect leaders who are honest, and the other is for the planet - apparently a living entity - to remove the competitive, self interested egos from the physical plane so that the cooperative, unselfish egos can thrive.

I go with the second solution but it would be arrogant of me to assume that that solution is the only viable option. What the hell do I know? I don't know if the 'facts' presented at the above web site are correct or not. What I do know is that the solution is logical. We all have to die sometime and with the 'knowledge' of 2012 we are better placed to make our decisions. I simply pass on the reference so that others are forewarned and can take whatever action seems right for them.

9:46 AM  

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