Thursday, March 02, 2006

Chavez And Sheehan Together, No More Stormy Weather

So, Hugo Chavez has found an ally in Cindy Sheehan. Venezuela's oil production notwithstanding, her grief and rage could power an entire city. Who SHOULD she turn to? The bloodthirsty Bush regime, it's corporate sponsors, and a compliant mainstream media are all too happy to see our children sacrificed for the sake of hegemony and imperialism, and spineless democrats watch benignly from the sanctity of their D.C. ivory towers. Does Hillary Clinton have anything for Cindy? Not a chance. Cindy needs Hillary like a stag needs a hat rack. In fact, since Paul Wellstone died, there haven't been many well-known legislators worthy of Cindy's company. Nowadays, when we vote, it's not exactly self-serving. Buying a lottery ticket would be a better use of time.

It sure is something to hear right-wing commentators refer to Venezuelan president Hugo Chavez as a dictator. When you point out to them that Chavez is a popularly-elected official, they then switch to election fraud as their rally cry. Hmm, election fraud, now where have we heard THAT before? To avoid looking altogether foolish, those right-wingers need flak jackets of a much better quality than those provided to our troops in Iraq.

"Those who cast the votes decide nothing, those who count the votes decide everything." - Joseph Stalin

If hypocrisy were poker chips, then most any right-wing blogger could be Donald Trump. Election fraud is now as American as apple pie, Chevrolet, and steroids. Ask Jimmy Carter that in a private moment, and he would wholeheartedly agree with you. Of course, arguing the point with a Bush supporter would be no more productive than debating a goldfish. But, someday, they WILL learn that such loyalty is not reciprocal. Hopefully, it won't be the way that Cindy Sheehan learned it.

What can Cindy do next to keep her campaign alive? She could visit Iran and inspect their nuclear sites. Maybe she could become a cast member of the Daily Show. All I know is, I want to keep seeing her in the media, tweaking Bush at every opportunity. She's earned the right, and she has more integrity than all the mainstream media put together. You might ask how those media moguls sleep at night. They do, but it's basically just hanging upside down in their closets until the sun comes up.


Blogger What's left of Christopher Ippolito said...

What, exactly, did she do to "earn the right"? Have a baby? Raise him? Lose him to a foolish war? THAT gives her the right to be a fool too? You don't have to earn these rights in America. She has the right to be as wrong as she is. Sorry, I just happend to come across your blog. I've never commented on blogger before, but that woman makes me angry.

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