Sunday, March 19, 2006

Gary Webb: The Reporter Who Committed Suicide Twice

Gary Webb was the investigative journalist for the San Jose Mercury News who broke open the CIA crack connection story in 1995. He paid for it first with his job, and later with his life. His death in 2004 was ruled a suicide, even though he was shot in the head TWICE. Anyone trying to defend that claim may as well be a holocaust denier, or a member of the flat-earth society. But, these days, you could be shot, stabbed, beaten, mauled, and impaled, and the right coroner will rule it a suicide if you're someone who's been causing too much trouble. The mainstream media will, of course, play along, and no tough questions will be asked.

Gary's story in the Mercury News, and his subsequent book Dark Alliance, were among the most damaging broadsides ever issued to the CIA. Regardless of the cowardly retractions and denials on the part of the Mercury News that followed, it forced the CIA to admit to a relationship with Latin American cocaine kingpins. The editors who succumbed to pressure from above and pulled the rug out from under Gary have been rewarded with promotions into sweetheart jobs. The managing editor, David Yarnold, is now the Executive Vice President of the Environmental Defense Fund.

This story indicates that the drug prison industrial complex is a reality, and that the "Drug War" is a war on the people of the United States. Let Gary tell you the story in his own words. His railroading is another brick in the wall of fascism, and it's not to be forgotten.


Blogger Big Daddy Malcontent said...

They fucked up with Webb; they didn't kill him until after his articles and book got published. They got to Danny Casolaro BEFORE he published his book.

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