Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Where There's Smoke, There's Mirrors

See Lyndon Johnson. See him being sworn in on Air Force One. See the soon-to-be Secretary of State wink at Lyndon Johnson. See Lady Bird Johnson try not to smirk too much. See democracy die for good on that day.

I could live a thousand years, and never understand why people didn't get it. When a ruler is deposed, it stands to reason that his successor had something to do with deposing him. It's a shame to have a historical fact regarded as mere cynicism, but it's no wonder. The only time a coup d'etat is not a coup d'etat is when it happens in America.

"You know, I was one of the ones who advised Kennedy to stay away from Texas. Lyndon (Johnson) was being a real asshole about the whole thing and insisted." -John Connally


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