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Democratic Underground Gets Underhanded

It figures that the biggest "progressive" forum on the web would suppress discussion of 9/11 complicity, and relegate it to the cellar of their forum. Democratic Underground will tolerate no posting of 9/11 information, or links to it, on the main discussion boards. This is what democracy DOESN'T look like.

Long-time contributers to Democracy Underground have been permanently banned for having crossed the line. The head moderator's excuse for this shameless censorship is that too many 9/11 threads were cropping up, and so they had to be relegated to their own page. What lousy reasoning that is. Why, then, aren't other popular topics similarly paired off? How many threads that start with "Bush said this", or "Bush is going to do that" can anyone read? This moderator is full of shit.

It seems to be a matter of course that anything so popular is eventually compromised. Once upon a time, indymedia was a great wellspring of progressive and activist information sharing. After it started to reach mass proportions, the open publishing section was moved from the front page, and doomed to relative obscurity. What were once well-read headlines are now a mere cypher. Well, the left gatekeepers are popping up everywhere. You spray and you spray, but they just keep coming back.


Blogger seneca said...

I'm a regular at DU (but not under this name, some other Blogger has it) and I strongly disagree with your criticism.

I invite any one of your readers to click on the link to DU's 9/11 forum that you have provided in your post and see just how popular it is, and how often it's posted to. Skinner & Company have streamlined the quest for facts by giving members a dedicated forum where they can exchange and debate information, evidence and theories. This is far more efficient than having 9/11 posts scattered willy-nilly in the general categories like "latest breaking news", "editorials and articles" or "general discussion". DU members can customize their homepage to show new 9/11 posts and access them quickly. All can take part, from the MIHOP and LIHOP folks to those who think Osama really was the mastermind.

If I could offer a suggestion. I was a stone's throw away from the Pentagon when it was hit. My home shook. The evidence that an American Airlines 757 actually hit that building is the most questionable of all the government claims about what happened on that day. No one in my neighborhood saw a jet hit the Pentagon. Nobody saw anything except the explosion. Focus on that, and we'll see just how deep this rabbit hole really goes.

From someone who cares.

7:20 PM  
Blogger Jay Matter said...

I admit, I'm kind of on the fence here too.

OK, I get the cabbie's sense of frustration with "progressives" and democrats in general. They have been a little less than effective in this era of absurd class polarization, war and climate catastrophe. It seems that it is really time to ask some tough questions and to be willing to confront some B.S.

I'm also completely convinced myself that 9/11 could have been prevented and that something fishy is going on. I've had my gut feelings about this ever since the very first broadcasts from the morning of the day itself. But, something in me, thought, "well, even if this is all a big lie to hypnotize Americans into accepting some really bad policies, it still is impossible to organize around and almost too sensitive to talk about." But, lately, I'm thinking that the whole misuse of 9/11 (the fact that this disaster, whether planned or not by elites, is infact the basis for all of the Bush Admin's bad policies. It may be the reason we still don't have healthcare and the reason why we are killing and torturing impoverished civilians all over the world. So, it really is the big White Elephant in the room, that if we keep ignoring it, it will keep smashing our hopes for a peaceful and sustainable future. It is time to look at this - as the Cabbie suggests. So, please, everyone, at least watch the new internet hit - Loose Change, the 2nd Edition - .

OK, but then, I also kind of agree with Seneca. I mean it is OK for DU to focus, not censure, the 9/11 discussions to certain areas of their site. I mean you may not want to have a 9/11 discussion take over every area ... as some of the more zealous 9/11 posters are want to do ...

So, I don't know, I'm walking the fence here. More Democrats .. more progressives ... more people in general need to be willing to talk about the fact that 9/11 has been used against working class Americans and it is continuing to undermine just about everything good and it is infact leading to lots of attacks on civilians all over the world. We have to face all this. But, I'm just not sure how to get the ball rolling ... or who to blame for the fact that we are not facing this grossly misguided aspect of our current era.

4:29 AM  
Blogger Pissedoffcabbie said...

Front page news is front page news. Why is there a "dedicated forum" for 9/11, but not for any other topic? I see a lot of redundancy throughout DU, and yet, only one topic is relegated to a separate forum.

The result of this action on DU is the choir preaching to itself. That doesn't work for me.

10:47 AM  
Blogger seneca said...

There are more than 2 dozen "dedicated forums" in DU.

Here they are

There's forums on drug policy, GBLT issues, guns, Israel/Palestine, and September 11.... among others.

You can easily bump any of them to your personalized startup page.

Regulars at DU who have specific interests know where to go, and know where to post.

I sincerely think this is better than having 9/11 stuff lost in the mix. But that's just me...


3:30 PM  
Blogger Pissedoffcabbie said...

Regulars at DU who have specific interests know where to go, and know where to post.

What if I'm just a casual browser? What if I only come to scan the front page?

Charlie Sheen's appearance on CNN belongs on the front page where one and all can see it. And so, too, did the news of a 9/11 Scholars For Truth members' shooting.

It is inexcusable that a long-time contibuter to this site would be banned for having posted that information somewhere other than the "dungeon". This is not a game of dungeons and dragons- this is for all the marbles.

4:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

DU is now acting as thought police trying to find out who is a red, blue, denier, or freeper.

Democratic Underground recently did a COVERT operation (11/30/06) on its own membership trying to figure out who is a holocaust denier and who is not.

They posted a poll that asks if you believe a) the Holocaust happened, b) it happened but you do not know if all the figures/deaths/numbers reported is accurate, or c) you do not believe it happened.

If you answer B or C they SUSPEND your account and you receive an insulting message that you are a "Holocaust sympathizer" and they do not want to "be associated with individuals who express such views."

Of note is that answering B, which is a legitimate honest answer for the millions who know nothing of the Holocaust or the details, lands you in their Holocaust denier camp. Many people do not know how many people died in the holocaust - maybe DU needs to remember the world does not revolve around their view of the world. That DU would do such a sinister thing to its own membership in an attempt to cleanse it of people whom they "think" deny the holocaust is beyond belief for a site exposing democratic party ideals.

OF course if you answer C, that is beyond the pale of reason. But if an honest guy answers B, that he knows it happened, but does not know the details of the event.....THEY CALL YOU A HOLOCAUST DENIER.

Someone needs to send a wake up call to Democratic Underground. It start's with "Innocent until proven Guilty" and ends with the Constitution of the United States of America.

5:37 PM  

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