Thursday, March 30, 2006

Hell Has Frozen Over: A Republican Whistleblower Turns Democrat

Clint Curtis is running for a Congressional seat in Florida after testifying to Congress of having been solicited to help rig an election for Republican Congressman Tom Feeney. Clint is a former Republican who will now run as a Democrat and challenge for Feeney's seat. Will wonders never cease?

Meanwhile, the odious Ann Coulter is in hot water for committing voter fraud herself. It seems that she voted in the wrong county, and gave a false address. That is a felony, and Ms. Coulter is going to jail. Ann, can you make me a vanity plate that says POC? 'Preciate it.

Our favorite voting machine company Diebold is similarly on the ropes after having been subpoenaed in Florida, de-certified in various states, and seeing CEO Walden O'Dell resign in disgrace. The damage has been done, though. We've now suffered through six years of a Bush presidency that has seemed like a Bataan Death March, with two more excruciating years to go, and it's all thanks to Diebold's deliverance of a stolen election to their lord and master. The Zogby exit poll had Kerry in a landslide, but the other guy somehow won. Damn, at this casino, you can have a royal flush, and still lose. We'd best not come back here again.

I sure hope Clint Curtis wins his seat. It would be good to have at least one legislator in this country with the guts to speak out about voting fraud, and put the rest to shame.


Blogger no one in particular said...

So, the leopard has changed his spots eh! I wonder if it'll stop him killing sheep.

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