Tuesday, July 04, 2006

It's A Mexican Standoff

Gee, what a surprise to hear that the Mexican progressive presidential candidate Obrador is getting shafted in a very close election against Fox successor Calderon. It's at the point now where election fraud is just like Christmas- you KNOW it's coming. Just take a look at this from Narconews:

"...Monday morning, Mexican journalist Carmen Aristegui, who hosts the nightly talk show Aristegui on CNN Español, dropped a political bombshell on her popular morning program on XEW radio in Mexico City. There, live on the air, she used the Internet to enter a restricted area on a Calderón campaign website, with the username of Hidebrando117 and a password she received from an unnamed source. There, Aristegui found proof of the electoral cyber-fraud of the century: the entire national IFE voter list cross-referenced with supposedly confidential government information about which voters receive government assistance or contracts from all the federal agencies. Live and on the air she found information about herself, her family members, about the IFE president, and about the PRI presidential candidate.

Moments later, the Calderón campaign shut down that section of its Internet site, but the cat was out of the bag. Much of the Mexican national media ignored the story. But Aristegui repeated it Monday night on the international TV news network CNN and La Jornada – a pro-PRD newspaper, the fourth largest in Mexico – led with the story on Tuesday (on Wednesday, a La Jornada editorial criticized the information blockade by other media, saying “in spite of its relevance, the corresponding information was minimized and even ignored by most electronic and commercial media”)."

Obrador is saying that 3 million votes are missing, and is calling for a hand re-count, while, on the streets, protests are raging. This really takes the cake. The election could actually be annulled as a result of this disclosure. You would think that most American liberals would be following this closely, and making some noise, but they seem to have other things on their minds right now, like World Cup soccer, or whatever else tickles their fancy these days. The relevance of this election will become clear at some point down the line, though, when NAFTA reaches it's horrible economic conclusion. The race to the bottom in this country is a Special Olympics all unto itself. I didn't see too many people in the streets after Bush stole the last election, nor a serious call for a recount, so which is the REAL banana republic?


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