Sunday, July 29, 2007

Billary For You And Me

When Bill Clinton was elected president, he spoke of the American public getting two for the price of one. He of course meant that Hillary would be somewhat of a partner in his presidency, and indeed she was. Hillary destroyed whatever chance we had of reforming our health care system, and co-authored the school-to-work national education program known as Goals 2000 with David Rockefeller. Are we to assume the same when Hillary is elected (selected)? Bill Clinton returning as a de facto public official should be enough to make anyone want to move to New Zealand, or at least to Vermont.

George Bush Sr. was elected president in 1989. If Hillary wins next year, it will mean a minimum of 23 years of rule by the Bush and Clinton families. Beyond that, Hillary could win a second term, and then Jeb Bush could run. It's the gift that just keeps on giving. And, watch out for George P. Bush, Jeb's son. He's a rising star in the Republican party, and may be the man to preside over the North American Union proper. Good thing he's bilingual, huh?

It was recently reported that Bill Clinton would be attending this summer's Bohemian Grove festivities as the guest of George Bush, Sr. Isn't that special? The seeming father-son relationship between those two makes one wonder if their ideological differences in the past ever had any real substance to them. The answer is that there IS no ideology, except that of the New World Order. The rest is just a sad puppet show. By the time the masses have woken up to that fact, it'll be far too late, and our republic will have been lost for good to the forces of totalitarianism. It sure is a drag to be a one-eyed cabbie in the land of the blind.

In one generation, this pair of gangster families has seized our country by the hair on it's head. If Hillary gets a second term, it'll be a quarter of a century that seemed to fly by while our national sovereignty and constitutional law have been ground into the dirt. Considering the lack of vigilance on the part of most people, it must seem like the blink of an eye.

The turtle said, when mugged by the snail, "I don't know, it all happened so fast."

Saturday, July 21, 2007


Hey, everybody, the new iPhone is here. Isn't that just swell? The way people are clamoring for them, you'd think that you could talk to Jesus on it, or at least take a picture of him. It's great that you can fit your whole life into something that small, but, boy, it's rough if you have it stolen, or lose it, or whatever. You might feel like you'd built your life on sand. I expect to see cabbies sporting iPhones, and grinning sheepishly when asked how they could afford it.

Worse still is to know that the iPhone is a virtual gateway for the feds to keep close tabs on you. All of your personal information will be readily available to them, so you'd better be careful about "political" discussion that doesn't favor the elites. You don't want to represent the blacksheep demographic of your neighborhood, do you?

Control is a two-way street, though. Madame President won't be calling you directly on your iPhone, but the signal will be getting through nonetheless. She'll be the leader that presides over the fruition of the North American Union, and that's going to call for an extra dose of dumbing down to keep the masses from getting too upset over it. But, at least you can take pictures of that cool new NAFTA Superhighway with your iPhone. Careful you don't get charged with terrorism, though. That might suck.

Saturday, July 14, 2007

Democrat Or Republican

Politics, anyone? It doesn't require much, other than for you to be a fool. Sure, I've been guilty, too. I trusted Clinton and Gore right along with all the other Democrat rubes. I took them at their word on what they said about dealing with environmental issues. As it turned out, more environmental prosecutions took place under Bush-Quayle than did under Clinton-Gore. Eventually, I got on the internet and lost my innocence. Ever see the Clinton Body Count?

Speaking of Clinton, the Dragon Senator really laid an egg when she and John Edwards were accidentally overheard to say that future debates should be limited to "serious candidates". Nothing like putting the mock in democracy. Needless to say, "fringe candidate" Dennis Kucinich was furious to learn of this outrageous arrogance. But, the fact is, I'm glad to see that friendly smile wiped off his face, and I'm hoping to see him come out smoking next time. Let us see Dennis the Menace now, and let's see Hillary get dragged through the mud a few times. Let's see her get her feathers all ruffled.

On the flip-side, there are still plenty of Bush-supporting zombies out there, and I'm wondering if bullets would have any noticeable effect on them. Lord knows, nothing else does. But, they'll be hiding in abandoned caves and mines when Madame President gets to town. And, all the democrat drones will line up for her, peering around her skirt from behind at those mean republicans on the run.

I can't help but think of the two-faced mythological God Janus when I survey this situation. I have no doubt that our masters likewise think of him as they run their good cop-bad cop game on us. Maybe some of them even have a bust of Janus on their fireplace mantles. It gets cold up in the Hamptons, but the fires always burn bright.

Friday, July 13, 2007

Brain Salad Surgery

After giving a thrilling and inspiring speech in economically-challenged Cleveland last week, our illustrious leader visited the Cleveland Clinic to perform simulated brain surgery. I would posit that the president has been performing brain surgery all along, and has mastered the art of the full frontal-lobe lobotomy. Given that community, compassion and self-sacrifice are regarded by the elites as tumors to be removed, it's no wonder that hospital staffs are so over-worked, and the president had to be pressed into service.

It's particularly disturbing to note that this simulated surgery involved the implanting of a "deep brain stimulation device". If the purpose of such a device is to stimulate reptile-like responses to false cries of terrorism, and a relinquishing of personal freedom for the sake of an artificial sense of safety, then I would say that such surgery is redundant at best. Dr. Bush's work here is done. If that is not yet evident to one and all, then the evolution of the brain must still be a work in progress, with thousands of years to go before the human mind is fully equipped to think for itself. I guess life just has to be a constant re-reading of Waiting For Godot.

After reading about a guy who survived having a truck run over his head, one has to wonder if a full-functioning brain is even necessary for anything other than comprehending philosophy, or solving the Rubik's Cube. If the average mental road-map contains directions to the nearest 7-11, and can locate the TV remote control, then the rest is just gray matter, and we need not concern ourselves with it. Witness the way airline flights are seemingly scheduled at random, or how the Pentagon can lose a trillion dollars in accounting, and sink back into your comfort zone. The primordial ooze feels good between your toes, doesn't it? Just watch out for that hungry-looking pterodactyl in a suit and tie that has it's eye on you.

In the story Flowers For Algernon, later made into the 1968 film Charly, a retarded janitor is transformed through the miracle of science into a genius. It's a shame that, instead of seeking out such a process, our social planners have gone in the opposite direction. No doubt, it is the simpler of the two tasks, and leaves our rulers with much free time on their hands. What can you say except that all work, no polo leaves a Rockefeller a very dull boy. Mount up, you masters, and ride to the end of the line.